The Wildlife Ride

Once and awhile it is clear – there is some kind of element in the world pushing people to amazing opportunities. Call it whatever in the love you want: God, the force awakening, karma, fate, destiny, kismet, serendipity, luck, or your mom. Or don’t call it anything, I don’t really care. 🙂

The point is – I believe in it. There is something more, something bigger than my mind and my personal circumstances out there. A quiet guide waiting for us to listen and calm our thoughts enough to jump and take chances. These opportunities could be as simple as a new friend that changes your life, an amazing opportunity tied to your passions WildlifeCannes(in my case my biggest passions being family/friends, philanthropy, and raw art), or the chance to finally show the world a part of your heart (if you care about that kind of thing).

Why do I believe in such hokey nonsense? Most recently it’s a little thing called Wildlife and its creator Whit Hertford. Actually it’s a big thing. It is a deep and personal story crafted by Whit, and made into a short film by a killer team. How I stumbled on this project is nothing short of strange. From the moment I heard about it – I had an enormous pushing feeling that I had to get involved. I could not make the feeling go away, until finally the stars aligned and I became a part of the Wildlife pack.

All the opportunities I mentioned were a part of this one experience – new lifelong friends, being a part of my favorite kind of unprocessed real art (Everything anti-Michael Bay, I still can’t get over the new TMNT – my ultimate favorite as a kid turned into crap that I couldn’t even bring myself up to seeing), and now the chance to show off this art to the world. This is Whit’s heart, and everyone’s heart that “invested” in Wildlife.

This chance to show the world being (drum roll) Wildlife’s premiere at the Cannes Film Festival!

There are so many amazing artists that never get the chance to share their craft on a large stage, but this time – Whit freaking made it! And holy mother of England does he deserve it. As does Ryan, Connor, Erich and the whole team. Congrats guys, and thanks for the Wildlife ride. Whit you’re a genius, that’s it man. Excited for all the rides to come.



Done better see some live music son


If you are a music fan, particularly a live music fan then you must have your reasons for forking over $20-200 to see a group play. Now keep in mind when I say “live music” I don’t consider New Kids On The Block, or any other group where the lyrics say things like *”I’ve been waiting for you to get naughty” and song titles like **”Sexify My Love” as music. My next door neighbor is a die hard “Block” fan, so without trying to bash her or the group too much – for the purposes of this discussion lets focus more on live rock music and move on from talking about lame kinds of groups before I get into a rant.

Why would you want to go see a group play live? For me nothing can beat the experience of watching a musician pour out their craft in a live setting – blowing your mind, melting your face, and busting your guts. To be a part of the process of art, whether its watching a painter make something amazing out of what was before just a white canvas and colors on a pallet, a dancer practice, actors on a stage, or a choir rehearse – it solidifies the art and makes it more personal. If you can’t be with your favorite bands when they wrote the music and recorded it in the studio, which is likely – then the closest you can come to the raw art is going and seeing them live. Plus if the band can wail live  it will just make you love them even more. If they suck, oddly it still provides some sense of satisfaction that at least you now know they are only any good in the studio. It is simply just cooler to be a part of the process instead of only having the end product – the finished painting or the studio CD.

So go see some live music! The next time one of your favorite groups is coming to town save up and go see them!

*Actual New Kids On The Block lyrics
**Actual New Kids On the Block song title