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For the Country!

My brother and sister in law had just sadly had a miscarriage. I tried to find anything I could say to them that would be worthwhile, but everything sounded quite stupid smothered in IReallyHaveNoIdeaWhatYou’reGoingThroughButHeySorry sauce. Well, if you’ve ever tried it, then you know, this sauce sucks. Even if its basted on a nice chubby bearded man like myself (I just winked). So I sat down, and in about 20 minutes I was laser grenade face attacked with one of the best songs I have ever written. It was meaningful, and it had all the stuff a good song should have. It said everything I would ever want to say, and a lot more. When these magically created sparkly magic songs come out of nowhere, it’s almost like I am just a participant in some bigger equation. I am just along for the ride. Almost like I can’t take full credit for the song.

I have written somewhere in the range of 250 songs, and only about 5% of the songs fit the description above. Recently, I had the same experience when I wrote a song about the condition of the United States of America. It came out of nowhere, and it might be one of the best songs I have ever written, both musically and lyrically. Keep in mind there is no boasting here. I am only comparing myself against myself. My best songs might be the crappiest things you have ever heard.

Anyway – there is really something magic about this tune. It’s called For the Country. I’d be honored to have you check out the music video, and share it HERE. If you care to know more about my feeling regarding this tune – read on amigos!


The lyrics and music presented themselves to me, I am guessing in part because of the current political climate. I have a family member who is on the verge of divorce because of how polarized they are with their partner regarding Donald Trump. I am highly considering opening a Trump Counseling Clinic (TCC) – because I could make a fortune! I have not seen such a discord in my lifetime at a macro level in the country nor at a micro level with how this stuff is affecting the people around me. We haven’t even hit the 6 month marker of this blokes presidency.

Seeing these circumstances, along with so many other close friends having troubles with employment –  it got me thinking about the country. All I know is something feels different. I can’t fully explain it, I don’t know what it means, or how to fix it – but don’t you agree with me? I know times change and that’s just life, but isn’t there a way to somehow hold on to the fabric of what makes this country great? It feels like someone soaked the fabric in gasoline, lit it on fire, threw it in the toilet, and we are now trying to see who can pee on it the hardest. It’s up to us to figure out how to fix it.

As I mention in the song, my belief is our country is much bigger than two political parties debating crap. People get so bloody stuck on the labels of belonging to a group that I feel like we miss the big picture at times of what it truly is to be American, and what this country represents. I feel such urgency to get involved, while at the same time trepidation – because I don’t have any answers. I’m sure some people will rail on me for this song and the fact that I say I am not impressed with our representatives. I am sure there will be those that will say “why don’t you go try to be a politician and see if you can do a better job.” Well, I am writer – so the best thing I can do at the moment is write a song about my perspective on things. I believe in our country – but it just feels feels weird right now. Does President Trump have some responsibility? Yes, a ton. But, so does every single one of us. I am in the process of figuring out what I can do to take a more active role.

As the song kicks off I am writing from the perspective of a solider. Perhaps a solider who has been out in the thick of battle, has bled with his friends and enemies. I was thinking about life (and probably the Marvel franchise) when I wrote this and wondering if there really are super heroes out there. Naturally the military came into mind. They are super men and women. Then I thought about how some of those soldiers might feel about what was happening at home. Are they proud to be fighting for the government as it stands today? Are they fighting just for the government itself, or something bigger? Are they happy to see political parties rarely working together for the greater good of the country? Are they happy to have a man like Donald Trump as president?

So there it is. I wrote a song about my current feelings about the United States of America. I have never written a song about such a serious and broad topic. I hope my song can help inspire someone out there to get more involved than ever before in their community and country. I pledge to do just that. I am eternally grateful for all the amazing and honest people who sacrificed so much in order have our country. Simultaneously I am ashamed of those who have been dishonest and selfish who’ve played a part in our country. I hope we can all work together before everything this country was built to be fades away.

For the Country

I am nothing less than your superman
I fight for freedom not the government
I bled in the streets with them
Can you see us Mr. President?
Because here I am, and we’re bigger than all your rants

I still believe in this country
but I aint impressed, with our representatives
Can you bring it back to me
How it used to be?

Stand up, come with us and be Americans
Don’t give up your independence
Cause if you want to be free
then you better believe in something bigger
than two major political parties and all their crap

I still believe in this country
but I aint impressed

I am free
I do this, not for you, not for me
For the country

I still believe in this country
but I aint impressed, with our representatives
Can you bring it back to me
How the country used to be?